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YUMETOFU spring activities

Aktualisiert: 14. März 2022

Winter is coming to an end, and we are working hard to be ready for the grand-opening in autumn/winter. So what can you expect from YUMETOFU over the coming months?

We continue to develop recipes and ideas for how to enjoy tofu and related products. Updates are regularly posted to our Instagram and Facebook feeds, so if you are not already subscribed, subscribe now.

The latest innovation from Yumemi and me is absolutely delicious - inspired by traditional Swedish Knäckebröd, it is made from a by-product of the tofu production and is an absolutely cracker (pun intended) at any apero. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for updates - you will not be disappointed.

We have also found a location for the tofu production. We cannot reveal just yet where, but we are working hard to get all the approvals ready and sort out all the details, such that we can start production as planned in autumn/winter.

Autumn/winter is still a long way ahead and we want to give you a taste of what's to come, so we are planning a number of events in Winterthur and Zürich, showcasing the versatility of tofu for those who cannot wait. For the moment it is by invitation only, but we will soon open up for all who are interested.

The events will show just how versatile, and full of potential tofu is. Both if one just wants to reduce meat consumption or is vegetarian - tofu has its place in any kitchen no matter dietary preferences.

For those who saw the SRF Einstein episode on the carbon footprint of our daily food. You will be happy to hear that despite our Japanese influence, all YUMETOFU ingredients are sourced in EU-neighbouring countries and produced in CH. We plan to have our CO2 footprint assessed to confirm our commitment to, not only to bring you a great new culinary product, but do it as environmentally friendly as possible.

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