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YUMETOFU has a new home

The wait is over! We have found a location for production of our long awaited YUMETOFU. We will produce our tofu in Wildberg, in the hills of Tösstal near Winterthur and share the facility with Käserei Wildberg.

Our ultimate goal will always be to produce high quality and fresh tofu. Working with a company that is experienced in food production, we can fully concentrate on this primary goal while gaining knowledge in the areas of operational processes, logistics and distribution.

This idea and the openness of Käserei Wildberg towards our project have persuaded us to go this way for the time being, even though production will not take place directly in the city. We are convinced that such a solution offers an optimal opportunity for a young company like ours and that we can concentrate more on what is most important to us: offering you the best and freshest tofu.

We also consider the cooperation of a tofu shop and a cheese dairy as a beautiful symbol that shows that tofu and cheese, soya and milk and city and country can complement and benefit from each other wonderfully.

Spring is finally here and we have some exciting new recipes on the way. We celebrate spring's arrival with a great combination of tofu and Bärlauch, the absolute classic spring ingredient. Do not forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be informed when published.

Until next time - enjoy the weather and life in general.

Geraldine & Yumemi

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